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Fashion has been an outlet to air politcal views since the first slogan t-shirts were used to promote the US elections back in the 1950’s. I did a whole essay for my Design & Visual Culture module of my course about how t-shirts are our billboards. Katharine Hamnetts designs have spanned decades influencing the fashion concious to take a stance in their particular views wether it be saving the whales or dismissing wars. This photo shows her meeting Margaret Thatcher wearing a T-shirt stating “58% don’t want pershings” referring to missles being used during the Falklands war.

A cause close to my heart being half-iranian is the current protests for freedom continuing to this day to free the country from their outdated regime.

American Apparell have launched this Unisex t-shirt, priced at £23, to show their support to the iranian people.



Style 2001SP

Style 2001SP
Style 6311SP
It’s just a shame they appear to be profiting from the t-shirt as their is no mention of a donation to helping the iranian people.

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