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This wintery weather isn’t easing and my faux Hunters are beginning to chaffe. I’m a prisoner in my own shoes as non of them are equipped with the butch soles needed to keep me up right on my Bambi legs. I’ve been wearing the life out of my Dr. Martins I got for my 21st. Practical, and give me those extra few inches of height my wellies rob me of.

Chloe Sevigny opted for the same pair in the red colour way, get yours for £75.00 here

I’ve just been invited to my dear, Nouvelle Parisian,  friend JoRo’s 21st Birthday party and with the theme being “Winter Wonderland” I’d much rather be sporting these beauties than waddling in in rubber boots. (Follow Jo’s Blog at: http://frompariswithlovex.blogspot.com)

Prada Shoes

These Miuccia Prada, Lucite and plastic chandelier shoes with swinging crystals crop up on almost every other page of the current british Vogue. The more I see the more I LOVE them. Opinion amongst my other housemates appears to be divided. Most them vs me, I love them, how can they not? So unpractical and “un-me” but the way the crystals catch the light draws me in like a magpie to Mr.T.

From the clumpy to the delicate, Maison Martin Margiela has done it again and stolen my heart.

These shoes are the stuff of fairytales. Taking the idea further, the designer sells these limited edition heels, not in pairs, but per piece so you can sport one slipper in true Cinderella style.  At $1,277 a piece they better not change back to Primark pumps at mignight.



The plastic trend is manifesting itself in all forms from footwear to jewellery and of course Chanels clear perspex bags. I love the irony of transparency being a trend in an industry so elusive.



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