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Fashion has been an outlet to air politcal views since the first slogan t-shirts were used to promote the US elections back in the 1950’s. I did a whole essay for my Design & Visual Culture module of my course about how t-shirts are our billboards. Katharine Hamnetts designs have spanned decades influencing the fashion concious to take a stance in their particular views wether it be saving the whales or dismissing wars. This photo shows her meeting Margaret Thatcher wearing a T-shirt stating “58% don’t want pershings” referring to missles being used during the Falklands war.

A cause close to my heart being half-iranian is the current protests for freedom continuing to this day to free the country from their outdated regime.

American Apparell have launched this Unisex t-shirt, priced at £23, to show their support to the iranian people.



Style 2001SP

Style 2001SP
Style 6311SP
It’s just a shame they appear to be profiting from the t-shirt as their is no mention of a donation to helping the iranian people.

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It’s -5C outside and everything is covered in 10inches of powdery white snow. Who’d have thought the plummetting temperatures would manipulate the mind into wishing you owned a bejewelled Chanel Hand Muff from the 2009 pre Fall Collection.


This hideous insult to Chanel’s name has some magnetic attraction convincing me I should invest. Obviously not a pube-esque Chanel one but maybe something subtler and demure 1940’s style.

I’m fascinating whilst nursing numb typing fingers. Ouch.


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Well I’d love to be reporting that Santa sent a shiny black Fred Perry Croc bag my way this year but alas, no. Instead the Postman arrived with my first parcel of the year.


The Jimmy Choo Project PEP bag was a valued subsitute. The festivities have left my wallet at an all time lightest so this might be the last Choo I see in a while. Saving my pennies for a winter sun get away for a snuggle in the Nook. X

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I saw this bag in the Fred Perry Covent Garden store the other week and I think I need it!

Mock Croc Satchel Bag

This bag ticks all the boxes! No flashy branding, just a subtle staple my wardrobe is yearning. Its £175 price tag is a snip of Louis Vuitton or Chanel prices. Santa hint hint….

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I was googling the date of the Facehunter book release when I stumbled across this interview with my favourite Street Style photographer (he was my favourite before he shot me too, for the record.) Great interview. Give it a read. And if you haven’t checked out his new photo diary blog check that out too at: www.yvanrodic.blogspot.com

 Me, Carnaby Street, London.

For the Full Interview click HERE!

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SHOWme SHOWstudio //

 Nick Knights SHOWstudio exhibition at Somerset House is a fusion of Fashion, Porn & Technology. Thought provoking and insightful it question the way we see fashion and our own role within it.

Brimming with technological advances it makes you wonder what kinda of gadgetry will make the fashion magazine obsolete. Or whether the fashion magazine will ever go out of fashion?


When you’ve got a little black book that reads like a top 100 list of the world’s most beautiful people like Knight does, you can call in on some of those friends for favours. The collaborations throughout the exhibition ticked all the boxes, from giant naked models of Naomi to the numerous intimate videos of designers and models alike.  10 for interaction.

After my little chat with the male model sat reading The Great Gatsby; this was my favourite bit:

Kate Moss Kiss. WOW. Closest I’d ever get to those lips.

But the most innovative of the exhibits was that of upcoming and wannabe designers who downloaded the patterns of some of the most coveted designers in the industry and recreated them. Click Here for my favourite downloadable pattern from Maison Martin Margiela.

If you head down to the exhibition I recommend picking up a guide as your bound to want to tell your mates about it when you get home.

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The coolest way to skate this winter has to be at Somerset House, London. Tiffany & Co present the 10th anniversary Ice Rink this winter adorning it with a little touch of sparkle and a giant Tiffany & Co Christmas tree. After a chilly skate you can warm your hands with a warm cup of Tiffany Tea! Need a sugar boost? Head over to the Tiffany Pop Up “Tuck”  Shop. Yum Yum!

Inside the big blue present is like every big girls dream. Tiffany cupcakes and candy canes, peacocks and dears, and glitter and DIAMONDS! Lots of Diamonds. A cupcake or candy cane is a steal at £2.50 a fraction of the price of the sparkles.

Visit my Flickr for photo’s of the inside! Or click on the My Photo’s link on the Right >

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